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Vote for Eric Lee for the Amnesty International UK Section Board – by Jonathan Hoffman February 24, 2010

Posted by amnestyhaslostitsway in Israel/Palestine, Jonathan Hoffman.
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This post appeared on CifWATCH on 24 February 2010.

Over the past eighteen months or so, Amnesty International has been in the vanguard of the delegitimisers and vilifiers of Israel. Even though impartiality is a core value of Amnesty within its statute, the London branch has hosted meetings addressed by Jeff Halper, who frequently calls Israel an ‘apartheid’ state – an antisemitic  statement – Ben White, author of the book with an antisemitic title “Israel Apartheid” (a book replete with misquotations and untruths) and the Christisons, who make the antisemitic charge of ‘dual loyalty’ about US supporters of Israel and make wry jokes about Congress being “Israeli-occupied territory.” (They are also 9/11 ‘troofers’). (more…)