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Amnesty: “It would not be helpful” to debate Gita Saghal’s case at AGM April 4, 2010

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The following is the response I received from Amnesty International’s UK section following the submission of my emergency resolution to the annual general meeting.

Dear Eric

Thank you for submitting your resolution on Gita Saghal.

Unfortunately we are not able to accept this resolution.

There is currently an investigation under way at the International
Secretariat in relation to Gita Saghal which is being carried out in
accordance with the IS’s established human resource policies and UK
employment law.  The investigation is clearly carried out
confidentially in line with established human resource practices and
accordingly we do not believe it would be helpful, or carry any weight
in the outcome of this investigation, for the AGM to debate the specific issue of Ms Saghal’s employment

If you disagree, you may have 3 minutes time on Saturday morning in plenary to ask conference to overturn our decision.  If you get a two-thirds majority, the resolution will be debated.

I’m sorry to disappoint you.

Ruth Breddal
Standing Orders Committee



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