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Amnesty’s response on Taliban unsatisfactory February 25, 2010

Posted by amnestyhaslostitsway in Afghanistan.

Harry’s Place reports on Eve Gerrard’s attempts to get a straight answer out of Amnesty regarding its relationship with the pro-Taliban “Cageprisoners” organisation.  Their reponse to Gerrard is typical of the arrogance that has come  to characterise Amnesty — as anyone who has challenged the organisation on other issues will discover.



1. Barry Day - February 25, 2010

“anyone who has challenged the organisation on other issues”

As in, the repressive states which Amnesty continually attacks becuase of their repressive measures, like say, Burma, China and so on?

You feel happy jumping in with that lot?

This whole affair is just an attempt to get Amnesty to ignore massive human rights offences committed by western countries. That’s the bottom line. Human rights are universal or they’re not human rights. We don’t get to pick and choose. And if a liberal democracy is attacking these human rights then we don’t ignore it just because they dress their abuses up in the rhetoric of safety, freedom and progress.

2. Grad Student - February 26, 2010

I’m with you to the degree that Amnesty has got its facts wrong. However, I think it makes sense that Amnesty (or other advocacy groups) focus on Israel more than, say, N. Korea. Israel is a democratic state with very close ties to the West, thus we (citizens of Western countries) have a much higher chance of persuading our respective governments to put pressure on Israel to stop inhumane practices. On the other hand, our governments are very attentive to N. Korea and Iran. Not so much with Burma, but the West just doesn’t have as much influence with Burma as it does with Israel. Finally, the Israel-Palestine issue is in part fueling worldwide radical Islam.

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