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Cuba: AI practically ignores prisoner of conscience who dies February 24, 2010

Posted by amnestyhaslostitsway in Cuba.

Since he was an Amnesty “prisoner of conscience”, I expected there would be a great deal of detail on the AIUK’s website where we might learn more of this obviously courageous human rights advocate. Alas there is nothing, apart from a mention in passing in a press release from more than two years ago, and the introduction to a 2004 human rights report on Cuba which has been removed from the site.

Over at Amnesty International’s website, there is, frankly, sod-all either. A search of the site finds some broken links to long-removed press releases and a few cursory mentions in long generic global round-up reports… but nothing resembling a profile or briefing on this adopted prisoner of conscience who has now died at the end of a three-month hunger strike. Did anyone even notice he’d started his protest?

Read the full story on Harry’s Place.


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